My mom, my fiancé, and one of my friends are concerned about me; they’ve all noticed my addiction to menu items with the word “salad” in them, namely chicken, tuna, egg, and potato salad. Those aforementioned three people have eaten with me so often that they can call my order sometimes before I even see […]

As we are entering wedding season, we are seeing so many different styles of wedding dresses. My favorite thing about wedding dresses is there is a style for everyone. Some brides love the long sleeve lace gowns, others picture themselves wearing a sleeveless, strapless gown on their big day. There are far more than just these […]

We’ve all been in that awkward spot where we put on our favorite white capris or white pair of sandals but wonder if it’s socially acceptable to wear them. When is it okay to wear white? When is it time to put it at the back of your closet? For as long as I can remember, […]

  Hi everyone! My name is Kennedy and I am currently interning with Leona Morelock Designs. So just a little bit about me… I am from a small town called Richmond, Kentucky. Most people don’t know where that is until I tell them it’s right next to Lexington! (small town probs) I moved to Bowling […]

Traditions.  I love them.  Even more so when you can take a time old tradition and interject something personal making it your own. Have you ever caught a wedding garter?  Have you ever worn one?  The garter is something that most brides opt to have.  Even when my brides don’t want to have the ‘garter […]

Every year the same holiday comes around in May and every year I wonder what to buy!  Should I DIY something thoughtful that has meaning behind it?  Should I go expensive and something I know she will love and totally deserves?  Something she needs or simply wants?? Then I remember that since I always leave […]

Have you ever noticed that March is the only month whose name is also a command?  March forward.  When I heard that the other day it really started to make me think.  Our New Year’s resolutions have drifted from the forefront of our mind and the start of Spring with it’s new growth gives us another feeling […]

Easter is one of those holidays that has become something fun for children.  Egg hunts, pictures with the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, Easter baskets.  I’m not against any of those things, I love them all.  Except for when they prevail.  Tomorrow is Easter, a day spent celebrating the rising of Christ.  The main thing in Christianity. […]

Spring is almost here and along comes … allergy attacks  🙁 I. Hate. Them.  My nose has not stopped dripping like a faucet that won’t turn off.  I know that may be TMI but that is the kind of stuff you tell your friends.  True friends. You know the ones who stick around to hear […]