It’s pretty much a given that once a couple announces their engagement, soon to follow is always a bridal shower! Who doesn’t love to be showered with some of your closest friends and family? (And a few gifts don’t hurt either right? ;)) Bridal showers are supposed to be so fun for everyone beginning with […]

I am getting old.  I really feel that I am going through a mid life crisis.  If you see me buzzing around in a red convertible sports car then you’ll know why! Maybe not that dramatic – but seriously girls – use face stuff.  I should know.  I really should have done better.  But I […]

I have started working with various companies for styled shoots of their products and promotional help.  I’m excited that I’ll be able to share a few really cool things that I’ve been working on soon. One marketing research company that I’ve started working with is Influenster.  To say it is a research company is downplaying […]

I. Can’t. Even. Take. It. I don’t need anymore incentive to shop with Amazon.  And yet they give them to me …   This is only the second annual prime day and I’m just so excited.  Deals only for prime members.  Talk about feeling part of the club  🙂  Even though anyone is eligible for a prime membership […]

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. It’s the day women feel most beautiful and men feel most loved. It’s also the day that can cost a pretty penny. But it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to amazing stores like Lulu’s and Rent […]

 We all know the bride’s gown is the most important piece of clothing on the big day! But running in at a close second is….the bridesmaids dresses! To me, bridesmaids dresses make a huge difference in the result of a wedding. In the past, the trend was for all the dresses to be the exact […]

My mom, my fiancé, and one of my friends are concerned about me; they’ve all noticed my addiction to menu items with the word “salad” in them, namely chicken, tuna, egg, and potato salad. Those aforementioned three people have eaten with me so often that they can call my order sometimes before I even see […]

As we are entering wedding season, we are seeing so many different styles of wedding dresses. My favorite thing about wedding dresses is there is a style for everyone. Some brides love the long sleeve lace gowns, others picture themselves wearing a sleeveless, strapless gown on their big day. There are far more than just these […]

We’ve all been in that awkward spot where we put on our favorite white capris or white pair of sandals but wonder if it’s socially acceptable to wear them. When is it okay to wear white? When is it time to put it at the back of your closet? For as long as I can remember, […]

  Hi everyone! My name is Kennedy and I am currently interning with Leona Morelock Designs. So just a little bit about me… I am from a small town called Richmond, Kentucky. Most people don’t know where that is until I tell them it’s right next to Lexington! (small town probs) I moved to Bowling […]