I remember sitting on a stool in the kitchen helping my mom get ready for a dinner party.  I was about 7 and my job was scooping melon balls. My childhood was full of celebrations - easter, halloween and given that I'm British, we had a party for the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Fast forward to graduation when a degree in business led me to a career in banking.

Obviously, my story doesn't end there; I quickly realized that a day job wasn't for me.  When I was around the same age as my melon scooping, I made story books and used to stand at the front door of my dad's car dealership and sell them to his customers.  

Remembering my young entrepreneurial days I started a wedding and event design business.  With European flair and Southern charm, Leona Morelock Designs is now an extension of who I am.

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I have become known as an expert in the field and regularly appear on television, publish articles for magazines and am featured in numerous publications.  With only a reserved amount of weddings per year I am able to truly focus on my bride and give her a full couture experience.

Today, Leona Morelock Designs has grown into a lifestyle brand incorporating my passion for all celebrations.  My husband, Chad is my best friend and with our son Bronson we are complete.  

I love designing weddings but my desire is for my client's marriages to be even more beautiful.