You Know You're a New Mom When ... Part 2

11. You pick up the bottle of formula and put it to your mouth expecting your coffee. 12. You think everyone needs to hear what you think your child is thinking.

13. You realize your child's closet is more decked out than yours.   But just like you he/she has different sizes for growing/fat days.

14. Your alone time is now referred to as "mommy time" and when people say that you look around for your mom and realize they are talking about you.

15. You refer to your husband as "your child's name's other keeper".

16. You wonder if instead of smuggling a baby out of the hospital's nursery you can smuggle yourself, your husband and your one month old back in so you can get some sleep.

17. Your gym accepts babies at 3 months old in their day care for their moms while they are working out and you can't wait until your baby turns 3 months old so you can enjoy an hour of "uninterrupted celebrity gossip magazine reading" ... I mean "zumba class".

18. Your child's pacifier falls out and gets covered in fuzz from his/her blanket and to your husband's amazement without any wipes you simply place the pacifier in your mouth and right back in your baby's.   Then to your amazement you realize that you are in public and that sadly you're not embarrassed.

19. You learn quickly how to do things with one hand while giving your baby a bottle with the other.   Then realize that your baby finished said bottle ten minutes ago while you were updating his/her facebook status that said "enjoying my breakfast with my super attentive mommy".

20. Your husband looks at you lovingly on a Friday night and says that he'll watch your baby if you want to take a bath.   You then realize by the look on his face that he's not offering for some random alone time but for the upkeep of personal hygiene.