You Know You're a New Mom When ...

1. You know you're a new mom when you can count in 3 hour increments in your sleep. 2. You accomplish two things during the entire day and you feel like you've climbed a mountain.   Two very small, unmeaning things!

3. You can't seem to delete any pictures of your child from your cell phone, even though the last ten are all exactly the same pose.   See #4.

4. You have become "that mom" you never thought you would be.

5. Your every FB status update is no longer about yourself and your food but about how adorable your child is (doing the exact same thing he was the last time you posted)   See #4.

6. You start every conversation with "He/She is ___ weeks old".

7. You check the mirror one last time before you leave the house to make sure you're not wearing formula on your third shirt change of the morning.

8. You start to refer to yourself and everyone else in the third person (even though you and they are not royalty).   See #4.

9. You manage to bathe your baby all by yourself and a invincible feeling overtakes you.   Then you realize you put his/her clean onesie on backwards and you remember how your baby is probably smarter than you are.

10. You feed your baby, pack up your baby, you change your babies clothes because they spit up, get out of the house, run ONE of your many errands, pack up your baby, get back to your house, unload your baby and realize you didn't pick up the bag of shopping that you got at the ONE store that you went to, you feed your baby.   Rinse and repeat!   See #4.