Writing, New Site and Spiders

Have you ever read a blog post by someone else, or read a memoir, or heard a story and thought that person is writing everything that you feel?   I want to introduce you to Lara Casey's blog post from a few days ago.   That is how where I am with writing.   I have ideas all the time of projects to share, stories to tell, pictures to show, etc. but I think to myself that I don't have time to sit down and give a post the attention it deserves.   DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.   Sometimes sharing a few words can mean more than you imagine to someone who needs to hear them. This post is also a soft launch of my new site!   I'm not making a big deal about it yet because there is still so much that I want to do and so much that I have to move over from my weddings.   This new site is a combination of my worlds.   A little personal, a little business, a little rambling about nothing.   Please leave any comments of things that you'd like to see added to my site or to my blog.

My beautiful son was a spider yesterday for Halloween.   A SPIDER.   The insects that I gently put a cup over and try to get outside where it belongs.   Or if it's really big it just gets the cup dome and waits for Chad to get home and take care of.   I think I'm being kind by not smashing it with a shoe when in reality it would probably be a better way to go then being smothered to death, slowly.   I digress, Bronson was a spider.   The cutest little spider that I've ever seen.   And his costume was hand made by myself and his aunty Tracy.   Enjoy the poses that Bronson came up with ...


Spider Clapping Hands {our new party trick}

Spider On The Run

Dead Spider

Mommy's Perfect Spider!!