Why I Feel the Need to Share

It all started with Lara Casey so at the end of my post just remember who really is to blame!!   I follow her blog and through social media outlets (if you like inspiring business women she is one of my favorite) and I remember hearing about a couple, Liz and Ryan, who loved the word AMAZING!   They were hosting a live webinar for a weekend they called Amazing Life Together - More Time for Love.   It looked very intriguing, I mean who doesn't want an amazing life together??   There were 6 Love Inspiring Couples who shared their personal love story, the good and the bad.   All the couples happened to be in the wedding industry, but this had nothing to do about planning your wedding but everything to do with planning your marriage.

No one shares the bad.   The times that doors are slammed, things are thrown across the room or when the silent treatment is in effect.   But, getting through these times and managing to stay together are some of things that we really do need to share.   If couples can see that you were able to get past a certain situation and come out the other side, they might start to believe they can do it too.   We can lower the divorce rate.   We can.   Sometimes a couple might see divorce as the only option, by telling our stories hopefully divorce won't come into couples minds and mouths as often.

our love story

John 9:3 'Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him."'

To me this says that our struggles that we go through are so that others can see both how we deal with them and how we come out.   Just like everyone I have had a few struggles in my life.   Each one has made me the woman I am today and I got through each one with Jesus by my side.   I'm sure many times I ignored Him, thought He wasn't there, wished He wasn't there but each time He was.   And so I share.   I share what I did wrong and what got me out.   I share when I thought I'd never got out.   And hopefully I'll give someone a small example of how they can get out.

While it is hard for me and painful sometimes to have to relive the past, the more I share the less it is.   It's funny how some of our worst struggles become some of our biggest passions.   For me one of those is marriage.   I have an amazing marriage.   Now.   At times it may or may not have been so amazing.   So, today Liz and Ryan along with a cinematographer are all coming to my house to hear mine and Chad's love story.   This amazing couple are coming to Bowling Green Kentucky to create a documentary about us!   To share with others.   As we bring up the messes we created and lived through I am going to keep my eyes focused on the present and the future.   Our story has a happy ending and on year 13 of marriage we are only getting started!