When the Cat is Away ...

Chad is out of town with work for the next three days.  For some reason I feel like my days have less of a schedule then they normally do.  I can eat when I want, go to bed when I want, clean what I want ... or not  :)

I got my laptop out and ready to work on some fun things, a drink prepared, a late night snack, yoga pants and messy bun (really had these all day) and sat down in front of the TV to watch some of the shows I don't get to watch with C.

And ... I don't know the password.  We had our TV hooked up to a small computer so we can just watch Netflix and shows via the internet.  The power went out and now it is just staring at me with the time and date.  And of course C who is in Mexico, probably knocking down the margaritas, doesn't answer my frantic text 'password????'.

Here are images from the styled shoot that I worked on with a fabulous team of vendors that is featured in KY Bride Magazine.  Photography by Morgan Marie Photography.  More to come tomorrow.