When my Week Starts on Sunday

I used to think schedules were not for me.  I despised having a routine.  But I've realized that the more I make schedules the smoother my weeks goes.  I wanted to have the freedom to design my day but was neglecting to do some of my priorities making my so-called freedom not succesful.


I haven't had a timeline for my day for far too long and I'm looking forward to this coming week that I have truly designed.  It seems like I'm not the only one with this issue ... visit my friend Lauren at a Fabulous Fete and the adorable and simple weekly calendar that she designed and is sharing for free  :)  I love my online schedule but there is just something about making a list that I love.  Maybe it's the crossing off part.  Like when you have 'get out of bed' and you can start your day with a check  :)



Cheers to calendars, pretty designs and a great blogging community!