What to Wear to the Hamptons

When thinking of places that I would love to visit primarily for the dress code a few pop into mind.  I think the most obvious would be Paris or Milan.  If I'm trying to stay stateside though my first thought is New York.



Particularly the Hamptons for an amazing A-listers weekend.  Have you ever been?  Or know anyone?  I've read a book where the story took place in the Hamptons but that is about it for any personal experiences :)

Let's pretend we are invited to play.  We are the cool kids.  We are the people that other people want to be.  What clothes do we pack?  I found this really cool Pinterest board that had some great examples of what to wear on the East coast.  I'm thinking we would need plenty of beach outfits, outfits for browsing boutiques and being ladies who lunch, nightclubs and bars would be our nightlife.  And what would we wear if we were invited to a cocktail party of even a wedding??

My choices would be the ultra fashionable jumpsuit, short sexy dress or maybe something with a pop of color. Who said you always have to fit in??

A fashion line with feminine flair that I recently found is Hunter Bell NYC, with part of her collection available on Rent the Runway.  Hunter Bell is just perfect for the occasion with her southern roots and New York mentality.  Have you ever checked Rent the Runway?  I will warn you that when you do you will get lost for hours.  So be prepared with your favorite drink!  If you would rather be able to rent a Hunter Bell for your trip you can ... which also means that you get to fashion many of her designs!  Here are some of my favorites, I just can't get enough of the side cuts.

Affiliate links have been used in which a profit is earned from sales. These options are what make it possible to devote the time I do to LMD, and I am grateful for that!

Hunter Bell Clear Day Sheath Hunter Bell Deep Dive Sheath Hunter Bell Bright Side Jumpsuit
Hunter Bell Dark Side View Jumpsuit Hunter Bell Tag Maxi Dress Hunter Bell Maraschino Jumpsuit

Cheers to living life in the Hamptons for a weekend and always being fashionable!