What Goes In ...

I have typed this post with two fingers and just wrote what I felt. No spell checking or going back to erase any mistakes. Please overlook them.

The saying of what goes in must come out is so true. I've heard so many times that what you listen to will consciously or sub-consciously become a lot of what you think about. You become like the people you hang around. Especially growing up I was told repeatedly that listening to songs with bad language, i.e. any songs that teenagers are listening to, will make that part of your verbiage. Any of these sound familiar?

Those sayings are true no matter our age.  Unfortunately. I've recently started adding my images that appear on my blog posts to Pinterest. All in the name of business ... And while I'm there I happen to browse. And pin. A lot of super cute clothes and covet. I've also started checking my Facebook account so that I can answer any comments or messages. It would be rude not to, right? Maybe sometimes I forget what I'm just checking and I start going down my timeline seeing other people's lives and getting too caught up to notice my own. The same with Twitter and on there I mostly follow major event professionals and covet the weddings they have in New York or California. Instagram has started out different. I follow few positive people. But how long will that continue before I follow more and more. All in the name of growing. I even secretly, or now openly, covet amazing radical women's lives that can adopt three children from third world abuse.

I follow several quality fashion blogs at first to gain inspiration for utilizing my current closet more. Now I follow them more to gain inspiration for my blog. And covet their blog and their fabulous wardrobes.

I have tons of great clothes. I have tons of great clothes for Bronson. I have a roof over my head, a super comfy bed and top notch pillow to lay my head down. My son has his own room, we don't have to share our bed with him. I have a beautiful house that we have decorated to make it our home. I have a successful business that I get to work out of my home and work with beautiful couples on their beautiful weddings. And yet I covet more. Shame on me. I'm starting Jen Hatmaker's fast this next week for seven weeks and I pray to learn to be content with the abundance of riches that I have here on earth that don't mean a thing to Jesus and to work on building my riches that do count. Let me know if you want to join me.