What Does March Mean to You?

Have you ever noticed that March is the only month whose name is also a command?  March forward.  When I heard that the other day it really started to make me think.  Our New Year's resolutions have drifted from the forefront of our mind and the start of Spring with it's new growth gives us another feeling of a fresh beginning.

Looking on Instagram and Pinterest at all the beautiful images of Spring cleaning and bright spaces almost makes me want to jump on board.


Lately I've been in a writing slump.  I have plenty of posts that I want to write and share, I've just not been able to find the words.  The way for me to get out of any slump is to just start again.  So March can be my out-of-slump month :)  Yes, it is the last day of the month.  But you have to start somewhere!

Not only for blogging but for so many parts of 'me'.  April 1st can be our new January 1st!  In fact any date can be a fresh start.  But seen as how tomorrow is April 1st ... that is the date that I will claim  :)  I want to be a better friend.  I love relationships and in order to make them strong you have to invest in them.  Both of you.  I've had countless experiences and I'm sure everyone has, where I've been the main investor and relationships like that will never grow.

I also need to literally march as in exercise.  I was in such a good routine.  So good.  And then one day happened, then the next and now it's not so good  :(   And march to the fridge and get some food.  Sounds a little counter productive - I need to plan my breakfast and lunch better.  Lara bars can only take you so far and I wonder every day why I have so little energy.

What fresh starts can April bring for you??


Cheers to new beginnings no matter what the date!