What Does A Mom Wear??

Last Friday me and B went to story time at Barnes + Noble.   In case you ever wondered, 13 months old is too young for story time at B+N!!   We lasted all of two pages before someone was trying to grab every little girl's hair in a .0 mile radius.   We will try again when we get to 18 months, and hopefully the second time I won't embarrass my son too much!  (funny story that I may share over coffee sometime)

When I was getting ready before we left, I realized that I've never been to anything mommy/baby related.   Well, I take that back.   When I went to my first IVF class, alone, I was with mommies (who were not alone) trying to have babies!   That day I had the exact same feeling as I did last week.

What is a mom supposed to look like?   I didn't want to be on the benches listening to Curious George being read and look totally out of place (The fact that I had a 13 month old and all the other children were at least 3 wasn't the out of place that I'm talking about).   I was trying to picture moms in my head, did they wear skirts, high heels, perfectly styled hair, glamorous but natural make-up?   More importantly what diaper bag, purse, did they carry?

I looked in the mirror to make myself a "mom" and I realized I am a mom!   I look like a mom.   I am and look like a mom.   Bronson's mom to be exact.   And Bronson's mom can wear whatever she wants.   Most likely a black t-shirt and black yoga pants with her hair tied up in a messy bun.   That's what this mom wears.

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