Wedding Dress trends for 2019

In the wedding world, New York Bridal Fashion Week is the WEEK of the year.  Here you get to see all the new trends that we can anticipate seeing in 2019.  Each year there are 'of the moment' fashion elements that we see throughout each designer, how they interpret and use those elements is what makes them stand out. Here are some of my favorite trends that I saw.

Leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite trend.  Mine is the detachable train.  You can't go wrong with two dresses in one!

** Princess ballgowns - which came with anticipation of the royal walk down the aisle.

** Glitter + Capes

** Detachable trains - For your ceremony you have the look of an A-line and then remove the train and have a second sleeker dress for your reception.

** Puffed Sleeves

** Pant Suits - ultra modern!!

Bows - bows make me think of Jr. High and High School - the bigger the better!  These are quite different, glamorous and romantic.