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Today's post is short and sweet.  My baby has had a fever all weekend and still hasn't gotten over fighting whatever virus his little body has :(  I hate to see him sick and so pitiful looking!

Darling world wide web friends!  Just wanted to check in and let you know that I thank you for your patience.  "Patience on what?' I hear you say.  With re-establishing and re-inventing my business, my brand, my site and blog, MYSELF, I have changed the layout of said blog about 146 times.  And usually 2 or 3 times in one day.  So you can check in the morning and see one way and then come back later and can't find what you were looking at earlier!  I promise I will stop soon.  I have to stop soon or it is going to be a continuously up-dating process and all my time will be spent changing layouts and not interacting with you!  (which already is my problem but I'm not ready to admit it yet)

Along with my blog is the shop.  That lovely little thing is going to be the death of me but I am going to make it work how I want.  This is not getting the best of me, oh no!  I may require help, but I will solve the problem!  Right now I have taken off most of my products while I am still in testing mode, but it is soon to be updated with fabulous new products!  All the proceeds from the sales for the rest of the year are going to a mission project in Ecuador.  It is close to my heart and I'll explain that at a later time, but lets see what we can do!!

Cheers to Mondays and not-so-well-children feeling better!

Isn't this card the cutest way ever to ask your best friend to be in your bridal party???  Look for this and more adorable collections in the soon to be new shop!