Wash on the Go

IMG_4575 [640x480]Nine.   Nine is the number of clothes that I wore last week during my week of seven.   9 - 7 = 2   (just in case you couldn't do the math, I did it for you).   I didn't do it.   I couldn't live even one week like a person who solely has 7 articles of clothing.   I hate to say that I couldn't, because I could.   But the truth is the truth.

Let me feel better by explaining my excuses.   One night I had a t-shirt on and I didn't have any more t-shirts planned in my wardrobe for the week.   Bronson spit up.   On my t-shirt.   So the only thing I could do was to get another shirt.   It was Bronson's fault.   But ... if I truly didn't own anymore shirts I would have had to either wash it or wear spit up (which I have worn plenty of spit up before that I was unaware of).

My second article of clothing that wasn't planned in my week was a pair of dress pants.   I had a meeting with one of my brides on a Sunday, which I hardly ever do but she is from out of town and so we have to meet when we can.   So I had to look professional.   It was my bride's fault.   See, the business dress that I laid out for that week was one that I wore the last time I met with this same bride.   Do I remember what she was wearing that last time?   No.  Do I remember what she was wearing yesterday?   No.   If I truly didn't own an extra pair of dress pants I would have had no other option but to wear my dress.

With working from home and having an eight month old with me during the day I don't get out that much during the week.   So 7 articles of clothing seemed like it would be a breeze.   It obviously wasn't for me.   I'll try again one week in the future and this time I'll plan my outfit a little better and make sure each night that I have tomorrow's outfit planned and washed.