Tuscan/KY Love

Happy happy Friday!!

What I'm going to talk about today is so special to my heart.   It's a project that has been in the works since last fall, took place last December and came out in KY Bride Magazine a few weeks ago!   Have you seen it?   Do you love it?   Here's a link to the eight pages in the magazine and here is a link to some more pictures from that shoot.

I have fallen in love again with how every image turned out. I just wish I could show them all to you but your passion probably isn't as strong as mine, especially after image #150-#300+! Every vendor that I worked with GOT. IT. They all got it. They got the beautiful imagery that was in my mind and helped turn my dreams into reality.  Everyone that was at the styled shoot that day said how they wished they could just gather at that same table with their friends the next night.

And that is what I wanted. That feeling of belonging, love, unity, simpleness yet elegant details. Don't these picture scream those words??

These look like some fun people, I just want to be friends with them. Wait ... I am friends with them. They are all my friends that came out on a freezing cold day in sleeveless dresses just for me. I have some good friends!

I love the simplicity of the table yet the beauty in the details. Our table is situated in a beautiful environment that feels likes Tuscany with the soft glow of Italian street lights shining down from above. The food is arranged on beautiful platters, the china is placed upon gold charges with gold silverware. Each guest had an escort card in the form of a custom designed Italianesque (did I make that word up?!) tile and then a place card at their seat that matched. They were presented with a menu that matched the luxurious invitation suite they received with their names in custom gold calligraphy showing the guests' their first impression of being treated to only the best. The tile pattern is also on the cake platter that holds the most elegant looking cake I've seen. The. Flowers. Where do I start with the uber romantic, natural, lush flower arrangements and girl's bouquets that look thrown together put are only the work of a talented professional. The bride and her maid's dresses were just perfect for our mood, giving the girls a romantic look of just floating through the evening. With her understated elegant hair and makeup our bride looked like she just stepped out of an Italian magazine wearing the finest pearls and stunning ring set.

Thank you doesn't seem to express my gratitude to everyone that came together and worked like a fine oiled machine to pull off an amazing styled shoot.   Fit for a KY Bride Magazine!

The Talented Team:

Styling + Production - Leona Morelock Designs
Photography - Morgan Marie Photography
Dresses - The White Room
Jewelry - Morris Jewelry
Flowers - Petal + Pine
Hair + Makeup - Regina Webb Salon + Spa
Calligraphy - Louisville Calligraphy + Art
Stationery + Designed Accessories - Leona Morelock Designs
Lighting - Techworks
Venue - Cason's Cove
Cake - LCD Cakes
Models - Lindsey + Alex Sewell, Lindsay + Keith Scarborough, Lindsey Flanders, Lindsey Fares, Sally Funkhouser, Erika Powers, Chad Morelock, Andrew Southard
Cheers to friends, love, good food and drink!