Trash The Dress

After my post last week about getting down and dirty before the wedding with your bridesmaids, I became inspired to learn more about another messy trend that brides are partaking in with their hubby after the wedding. The name of this trend is "trash the dress." If you're a neat freak like myself, this idea may cause you anxiety at first like it did me. Trashing my wedding gown? Ruining my favorite dress I will probably ever wear? Not really my cup of tea. BUT after looking at some pictures, I decided it really can be a beautiful thing. (Plus, the men love it! Another excuse for them to get dirty!)

How you 'trash' your dress is completely up to you. Some brides choose to jump into a body of water such as the ocean or a river and have a photographer take special photos of the couple. Unique, yet stunning.

trashthedress trashthedress2

If you can't swim or just don't like the water idea, maybe something like a paint fight is more up your alley. Once again, hire a photographer, purchase a bunch of paint, head out to a field and have fun!


Another common (and probably the dirtiest) way of trashing the dress is slippin' and slidin' around in mud! Yep, people do it! Whichever option you choose, the pictures are bound to turn out great. What an experience to remember!


Underwater 1 | Underwater 2 | Paint | Mud