To Juice or Not To Juice

I have become a juicing machine, using my juicing machine!   Me and Chad had some gift cards from Christmas and we added them together and got a juicer.   Chad did a lot of research on which were the best brands, which could juice fruit only or fruit and vegetables, etc.   We landed with a Hurom Slow Juicer, and let me tell you ... it is good.   It takes a few seconds clean up that gets easier the more times you do it.   Chad takes a juice to work every morning and I usually juice at least once during the day.   And maybe once at night!

We have so many fruits and vegetables in our kitchen that it doesn't look like it belongs to us.  No joke - I had to empty one of my dishes that had fake bagels and another space on my counter that had a fake loaf of bread to make room for some real fruit.   I've made a mix of things from green to orange to red!   It's fun to try new concoctions and I'm eating some things I never guessed I'd eat.   But after December this juicing was much needed.   I think I must have thought everything was calorie free in December, wouldn't that be nice?   Calorie Free December!!   Now that it is January 2014 it's time to come to terms with those calories!

green juiceHere's to juicing and eating healthy.

P.S.  Have you ever used a juicer and what is your favorite?   If you have any great recipes be sure to pass them along.