The Eleven Best Things About Thanksgiving

Does anyone else secretly resent the fact that every year, Thanksgiving seems to get thrown under the bus? Nowadays, once Halloween is over, it becomes socially acceptable to set up the Christmas tree and start listening to Christmas music.

With Christmas being "just around the corner", Thanksgiving is just that one holiday that's in between. It is, arguably, one of the most underrated holidays of the year. Well, I'm here to remind everyone exactly why Thanksgiving is so great! So buckle up and get ready for the turkey!

#1: The turkey of course!

giphy (6).gif

What's Thanksgiving without turkey? I mean, really though! And there are so many different ways to cook it. You could roast it, cook it in a crockpot, smoke it, or deep fry it. The options are endless really!

#2: The fact that you can gain ten pounds in one night and no one questions it

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Seriously! Why don't more people take advantage of this? The one day of the year where it is socially acceptable to gorge your face with yummy food. What more could you want?

#3: The desserts!

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Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays for desserts, especially pies! I highly condone the consumption of pies of all kinds; however, there are also so many other desserts that are available for enjoyment. Think outside the box; you're taste buds will thank you!

#4: Everyone is in a thankful mood (at least for a little while)

In a world where we are taught to constantly be wanting more, Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where we get to sit back and think about all of the many blessings within our lives. That is until Black Friday hits, but we'll save that one for later.

#5: You get to act a little crazy

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Thanksgiving is what you make it, so why not make it fun? Throw a little dance party in the kitchen or make it  a competition to see who can gain the most weight. What's more fun than that?

#6: It's a time for family

While some of you may see this as a bad thing, I think that it is quite grand. With the amount that I see my family dwindling every year, I love any time that I get to spend with them. And if all else fails, you could always resort to #5.

#7: The Thanksgiving Day Parade

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This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions: getting up in the morning and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I hope to make it to New York one day to watch it in person, but, until then, I will continue to settle for the television.

#8: It's a holiday for everyone, even the dog

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Anyone and everyone can participate in this holiday. You really don't need a lot. Just a grateful heart and a hungry stomach is all it takes. 

#9: Football

While this isn't necessarily my favorite part of Thanksgiving, it is a part that is highly looked forward to by many. As soon as the Thanksgiving parade is over, football it is. Hey, maybe it will even inspire you to go outside and play a game yourself.

#10: The food coma you go into once the night is done

There is nothing more satisfying than sleeping when you are so full that you can no longer move. Grab a warm blanket, lay down, and sleep off all of those extra pounds of food that you just consumed.

#11: The Leftovers

giphy (15).gif

If you do it right, you'll have a ton of food leftover once the night is through. While some people might think it annoying to have to eat the same thing time and time again, I see it as a way to get creative. There are so many ways to eat the food leftover, all you have to do is discover them.

I bet I've got you wondering if Thanksgiving is here yet. Only a little longer you guys! Let me know what part of Thanksgiving you like the most!