The Nursery Is Finished!!

A few weekends ago we had B's six month pictures taken.   And they are ready to pick up today!!!!   I can't wait to see how my beautiful little boy looks. And his nursery. Aahhhh, his nursery ... for those who followed me last year you know the effort that my entire family put into this little boys place to sleep.   I designed it to perfection, scratched it all and started again.  Various times.  Chad was so patient with me through it all. Even when I had him paint the same wall three times in three different shades of blue  because I was so indecisive.  And my mom who was making the curtains to a specific size and shade of gold and the fabric just wasn't cutting it.   We'll just say that more than two curtains were made for his two windows.   I'm sure there was a lot of eye rolling and hushed words spoken but I didn't see anything but happy faces and smiles.

So that is why I can't wait to see the pictures. Every person in my immediate family had something to do with making it so special.   I'll start the reveal pictures tomorrow and will drag it out for a few posts because, well, his nursery deserves time to be appreciated!

I have my eye on a canvas from Easy Canvas Photos for over our couch.   I think I know which picture it will be before even seeing them.