The Giving Keys - part one

At first I felt like I was in junior high and was a 'latch-key' child with my home key around my neck so that I wouldn't loose it.   Then I got used to my new necklace.

The Giving Keys is an amazing organization that gives jobs to people when they really need a friendly, warm, compassionate and understanding environment.   People who are trying to transition from homelessness.   People who are just like you and me and could me you or me anytime.   I love the principal behind these simple yet so meaningful necklaces.   You choose a word to have written on your key, like peace, joy, believe, dream, etc., and then wear your key to remind you.   The giving part comes in when you feel that a friend needs to hear that word in her life.   So you give it.   And the cycle begins again!   The hard part is that I love my key!!   But that just means I'll need to buy another one soon.   Our word for the year as a family is REFRESH so that is what I had engraved in my first ever key!   Check out part two where I have an interview with the founder, Caitlin Crosby.

Cheers to keys and bringing people home.