The First Look ... Bride + Groom/Mother + Son

It's the final countdown ... one week from today I will meet my son.   I can't believe those words even as I type them.   It still sounds crazy!   But whether I believe it or not it's going to happen.   Am I ready?   Yes and no.   Of course I don't think anyone could ever feel 100% ready, the nursery isn't ready, my to-do list isn't ready, but my heart is ready.

I broke my pelvis front and back in a car wreck I had in high school, so I found out officially a few weeks ago that I'm going to have to have a c-section.   I wasn't thrilled about the thought at first, and I'm sure I'll share my thoughts later, but I'd rather have it scheduled then be in labor for 10+ hours and then have to have an emergency one.   I don't want him to get stuck trying to make his grand entrance into his new world.   Not a great first impression of life on the outside.   And you know I'm all about Lasting Impressions!

So ... with a c-section comes my First Look.   Doctors and nurses will prepare us by sewing me and cleaning us both up!   Doing what I do, I'm used to making and having timelines.   Now with my wedding timelines I always tell my brides that the times are sure to change during the progress of the day ... 5, 10 maybe even 30 minutes one way or another.   And I know the same goes for my son's entrance.   But, just like with weddings I do like to have a rough idea of how things will go.   Mainly so I can be prepared with a plan B and C!

So, according to my rough timeline for January 3rd, I'll get a glimpse of Bronson at about 10:15 AM, but won't officially get to meet and hold him until about 11:45/12 PM.   I'm calling this our First Look.   I love first looks.   Just like me and Bronson, people spend hours helping them both get ready for the big reveal.   After all brides, like mothers of sons, are seeing the man of their dreams!   I want to be ready for him.   My outfit and his outfit have been carefully considered.   I got a beautiful hospital gown to wear and an adorable onesie for him that matches from Posh Pushers that I can't wait to wear.   I wrote about Posh Pushers here, and I'll share pictures of our outfits once they have made their debut.   But suffice to say that I'll be in a custom gown and he will be in a shirt and tie!

Here are some pictures from some of my brides and grooms First Looks.   I'm going to spend the next seven days getting ready for mine and Bronson's.

Photography by Joshua McCoy Photography + Crowe Photography