Teenage Girl Birthday Party

Throwing your child a birthday party every year is one of the many joys of being a parent (so I've heard.) To a child, celebrating "their day" is one of the best parts of growing up. My birthday is still my favorite day of the year, and I'm 21!

During the younger years of a child's life, birthday bashes are much simpler to plan. As you can probably agree, the younger the kid, the easier it is to please them. Cake, games, and balloons are all a youngster needs to be happy at his or her birthday celebration. For the child waving their childhood years goodbye as they enter into their teenager years, the same cannot be said.

The thought of your little boy or girl becoming a teenager may seem somewhat sad to you, but to them... this is a big deal! Even though they may not act like it, your soon-to-be teen desires for this special time to be acknowledged (in the least embarrassing way possible.)

Let's focus on girls this week! When your daughter reaches her teenage years, she may shy away from the idea of an actual birthday party like the ones she had in the past. Something a little more "grown-up" is what she'll likely want. No worries though, we have the perfect plan!


Think "Girl's Night Out: Teenage Style." Start by booking a private hotel room for your daughter and a few of her close girlfriends. The Holiday Inn University Plaza here in Bowling Green has the perfect size rooms for an occasion such as this. Decorate the room according to her interests and preference. Once everyone is settled in and all dolled up, have a limo from Party 1 Limousine come pick the gang up at the hotel for a girly dinner at her favorite restaurant. You could even have sparkling grape juice waiting in the limo to add a more grown-up feel! After dinner, you all could even attend a SKyPAC show.

Finish the night off back at the hotel room with late night desserts. Set up a dessert bar for the girls to indulge in; cupcakes, cookies, brownie bites, and cake pops! The Holiday Inn University Plaza has great options for food/desserts and the service is impeccable, therefore making the experience that much better. Let the girls have a big sleepover in the hotel room (even if you have to book a separate room down the hall!) The next morning, order brunch to the room and have orange juice and sparking grape juice before everyone goes home.

Let Leona Morelock Designs help you coordinate a fun evening just like this for your daughter! Just like any big event, becoming a teenager deserves to celebrated properly. After a birthday like this, your daughter will be one happy teenager :)

I haven't forgotten about the boys! Be sure to come back next week to learn about ideas for your teenage son's birthday.


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