Teenage Boy Birthday Party

As promised from last week, I didn't forget about the boys! Planning a special birthday party for your 13 year old son might seem like somewhat of a difficult task, but it's a lot easier than you think. Emphasize the new stage of life he's entering by letting him do most of the planning while you put it all together. Remember--this is his time to celebrate becoming a teenager, so give him and his friends a little more privacy and freedom than you may have in the past (he will appreciate more than you know!).

Some popular activities your son might find appealing for his big celebration might include an overnight camping trip, paintball, laser tag, or their favorite sporting event. All of these are great ideas, especially because they don't fall into the category of a traditional birthday party and they add a grown up twist!

Let's take the girls night out theme from last week and change things up a bit to be fitting for the boys. Yep, you guessed it... we will call it "Guys Night Out!"

Book a private room at a nice hotel for the boys to start their night at. Like I mentioned last week, The Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green is our recommendation. Unlike the girls, your son may not want the room to be decorated, so make sure to ask him in advance what he wants the atmosphere to be like. Since teenage boys love to eat, having some platters of finger foods such as chicken tenders may be a good idea. If he would rather, let the boys go to an early dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. Arrange for a limo from Party 1 Limousine to come pick the boys up from the hotel before you head over to The Bowling Green Hot Rods stadium for a night full of baseball, nachos, and fun!

Once the game is over and it's time to head back to the hotel, have an ice cream bar set up in the boys hotel room for them to make their own sundaes. Imagine all the sprinkles, bananas, and hot fudge you can think of! Then, let the boys end the night with a sleepover and allow them to stay up as late as they please (as long as they keep quiet!)


Ice Cream Bar | Baseball Cake