Teacher's Pet

We are going on day 6.  Day Six.  With no school.  B goes to school on Monday and Wednesdays and this past Monday was a holiday and for some reason the teachers took off work.  I joke. You just have to look at my Instagram account to see how much B is loved ... but he is wild and crazy.  24/7 he runs around the house chasing Bo or his dad or no one at all.  He runs in circles in front on the TV.  I catch a glimpse of the future and many visits to the ER with broken bones from jumping over everything and running into furniture and not stopping a beat.

So tomorrow is Wednesday and I am excited for my five hours of freedom.  And with that I am reminded of the blessed teachers that put up with, I mean care for, 12 crazy wild little things.  So why not treat them every now and then  :)

Cheers to teachers and coffee!