Yesterday Chad had to tell me that it was officially time for Bronson to move into his 0-3 month size clothes.   It was hard to think about and harder to put into practice.   He did wear a new outfit this morning when we went out, but he is taking a nap right now in a Newborn size gown.   One step at a time!!   Now, I know he is 10 weeks or two and a half months old, so technically he is late to the game for his 0-3 month clothes!   He is just so little ...

When he was born he was wearing preemie clothes because the newborn clothes swallowed him.   Looking back Chad had to pry the preemie clothes out of my hand and make me start using newborn size.   There are still some 0-3 month clothes that I think just look silly because they are so big on him.   But I guess it is time to let him grow up ... or really grow into his appropriate size!

One thing that does scare me is that we have so many adorable outfits from Leo and I don't want him to miss wearing them because they are out of season.   With Leo's birthday being December 24th, all his outfits are right on line with Bronson's age.   Now if only his mommy would let him wear them when he should and not try to hold him back.   I just feel that the next big change is going to be when he leaves me and goes off to college!   Some may think that is being a little over dramatic ... but I know from other people's stories that I'm going to blink twice and it's going to happen.

I'm going to try to remember to enjoy ever stage of his life.   Even though I want him to stay small, I'm also very glad he can now sleep longer than two hours!!   In fact he sleeps 6-7 hours every night.   When he turned 8 weeks old he slept 8 hours!   I think I may have told too many people my great news because he has yet to do that again, but it won't be long.   We keep saying we are going to move him into his own room but we have yet to do that.   That is for sure the next big change that is going to happen, and it will be sooner rather than later.

We had our first long overnight trip as a family this past weekend.   We journeyed to East TN to see Papaw, Granny and Uncle Punk.   The weekend went really good, better than I thought it would go.   With the hour change to EST and then the daylight savings hour that we lost, it was hard to keep our schedule but Bronson was a trooper.   Stout was the word for the weekend!   Everyone thought that Bronson was so stout ... I guess that is my nudge to let him grow as quick (or slow) as God wants him to.