I'm sure you've heard the word.  To me it used to sound like ... no fun.

I've read you can try and act like a tourist in your town and go to favorite restaurants or places you've never been.  That might be for some, but for me, I wanted to be invisible.  

FIFTEEN years of marriage is a big deal!  When we realized we couldn't make it happen to go away I decided to make the most of our staycation.  I made our bedroom our luxury haven for the weekend.

First, lighting and mood.  I got a ton of candles, closed the blinds and used some white sheer fabric to cover the dressers

I went shopping on Amazon and ordered just a few things.  I have no idea how I came up with this, but I ordered a massage table??!!  The one I choose was $118, not nearly as expensive as I thought and we were saving money by staying home, right?  So with that I had to order some massage oil and some hot stones and maybe a mud mask thingy.  Just maybe.

The first night, we ordered some appetizers from The Bistro and they were perfect.  Crab cakes, bruschetta and potato skins.  I had some Sutter Home Fre Brut Alcohol Removed Champagne and the night was good.

For breakfast I had bought bagels and cream cheese and then an assortment of biscottis.  I found an amazing morning drink - Welch's  Sparkling Mango Bellini.  Then we played Jenga!  On each piece (both sides) I put a memory from the past 15 years.  When we pulled that piece out we reminisced.  We did pretty good with our tower and when it came crashing down we went through the pieces we missed.  Pretty cool idea, huh?

NCIS is our current Netflix series so that was on repeat when we were not playing Jenga or enjoying a massage ;)

For dinner on Saturday, we made amazing grilled cheese sandwiches!  The kind that has so much cheese it was actually dripping out of the sandwich maker.  Such a simple meal that was as 5 star as you could get with some Sutter Home Fre Premium Red Blend Alcohol Removed Wine.

Sunday morning came with fresh fruit and coffee.  Along with time for goal setting, personal and family.  I could feel the weekend coming to an end when we went to Panera for lunch and then went to pick up B from my parents.  We came home and I walked in my living room for the first time since Thursday.  I really felt like we had been away.


If you ever have a chance for a staycation I highly recommend!

Shop some of the items below.


Cheers to massage tables and 15 years!