Baby Sprinkle

photo-61 copyIf you can't tell by now, Leona and I love finding out about new trends or cool twists to put on traditional events. That's why when we heard about a little thing called a "sprinkle," I couldn't wait to share with you all!

When having your first baby, the celebrations may be never ending. A baby shower here, a baby shower there, one next week, one next month... it's a big deal! Your friends and family get to shower you with gifts that are necessities when raising a child, and it's great because you usually don't already have all the things you are going to need.

But what about when baby number two comes along? And baby number three? Don't they deserve to be celebrated too?

Of course! The thing is, you probably already have most of the big things you need and don't want to seem greedy or tacky to guests as if you are expecting more gifts. Instead of being thrown another extravagant shower, consider something more small. This is where the idea of a baby sprinkle comes into play.

Get it? Instead of a baby shower, it's a baby sprinkle. (I'll admit, it took me a second to understand it's correlation with the weather!) Create a smaller guest list--normally your closest family and friends. Have a ladies brunch at your favorite spot, or celebrate at a house and have a simple theme! Since it's a baby sprinkle, have a sprinkle cake and sprinkle desserts; how sweet!

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