Spring is almost here and along comes ... allergy attacks  :(

I. Hate. Them.  My nose has not stopped dripping like a faucet that won't turn off.  I know that may be TMI but that is the kind of stuff you tell your friends.  True friends.

You know the ones who stick around to hear the entire story of how your day went?  Not the ones who disappear when times get tough.  We've all had them and it's sad.  We all say 'geesh, I wish I had a close friend'.  But then what do we do about it?  Maybe your next door neighbor is your dream BFF and is sitting there with the same desire.

I know.  Taking the first step is huge.  Dauntingly huge.

But you know what, it's a step.  Followed by another step.  And I don't need to keep this sentence going by saying 'and another step'. But I just did  :)  Did Jesus' 12 BFFs (disciples) go and find him?  'Hey Jesus, hold up, let me drop everything and come follow you'  I wasn't there but by what I've read it was Him who found them.


Image by Morgan Marie Photography


I read a book MWF seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend by Rachel Bartsche a few years ago but it was one of those books that I will never forget.  Such a good read.  Witty, realistic, thought provoking.  And the fact that Rachel is a Delta Gamma just happens to make her extra special cool.  Like me  :)

I also came across a super cool woman Stephanie May Wilson and I'll have to dedicate a post just to her.  For now this My 10 Step Guide to Creating a Community From Scratch: Dear Best Friends Where Are You? will give you reason to love her too.

The point of this post has totally got lost, my mind just veered off a minute.  This Friday, March 11th from 6-8:30PM the IF:Bowling Green leadership team is hosting our first community IF:Table 101.  I know this one is last minute but if you can join us RSVP so we have a seat and meal for you.  Join our community.  No worship, no speakers, no fluff - just food and women  :)

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Spring is almost here and along comes ... beautiful flowers.  Or dripping noses.

Cheers to BFFs