Spontaneous Choices

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Usually, my cue comes when the third person asks what her name is.  That is my cue to get B's hair cut.  Last week after Miss Katie was finished with B I thought I'd go ahead and make an appointment for myself.  I knew it had been a while, but ...  Three Hundred and Forty One Days.  341.  Since my last trim!!!

If that tells you anything it is that I'm hesitant sometimes to change.  I like to think that I can be spontaneous.  I guess just not with my hair.  Four inches were gone and I am now in the freshly cut phase.

Along comes Madison Reed with their Semi Permanent Gloss.  It is great for helping when you are in between color touch ups and gives a beautiful healthy shine to your hair.  It's also great for people like me who are hesitant but still like to have a little fun  :)  When I read about their color gloss I had to try it out.  And I'm so glad that I did.  You will get two colors out of one bottle if you hair is around shoulder length. As stated above, my hair was fairly long so I used the entire tube.  It lasts 6-8 washes and was right around the 8th for me.

hair color


With it fading out all over you don't realize it's leaving until it's gone.  And then you're left wondering where your new friend went!  The one who got you all the great compliments and who you want to come back.

Above I went with Barolo - a vibrant copper red.  If you were to choose a  color which would you pick??