Rock Star Hairstyles

On days that you see me with any other hair style than a top knot/bun on my head are, well few to none.

Point is that I rarely take time to style my hair.  Don't get me wrong though, I can pin hairstyles with the best of them.  Seriously 'easy' and 'simple' hairstyles.  The thing is that I don't take time to practice.  By the time I get to hair and make-up in my getting-ready-to-go-out routine I never have extra time.  So I try once to perfect the look in the easy and simple steps that my pin instructs only to look like I'm wearing a clown wig and proceed to pull the 25 bobby pins out of my head and twirl my hair on top of my head.

I'm really going to 'try' to carve out some time to just play with my hair.  Get to know the right and wrong ways to insert a bobby pin and finally master the classic but not classic ponytail.

So here are some inspirational styles ...

hair styles

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What is your favorite go to style?

Cheers to 2016 and learning how to braid your own hair!