Recent Finds + Loves

pinterest 11_2_2013 [640x480]1. Virtual Bookshelf, 2. Wedding Bathroom, 3. Neck Warmer, 4. Today I Am Thankful, 5. White + Ivory Crystal Elegance, 6. I Just Want to Make Beautiful Things, 7. Teacup Candles These are a few of my favorite posts from the past week:

1. I am redesigning my studio and I love books, especially wedding books!   What a neat way to display some of your favorites with this virtual bookshelf.

2. With wedding decor a lot of brides forget about the rest rooms.   I don't think you should spend  a lot of your budget in here, but this idea is really cute and seems simple to do.   My explanation for this sort of decor is that the whole event needs to flow and when guests go into the restroom you want them to still feel pampered.   A basket with small items that ladies may need, such as hair spray, Tylenol, etc is also a really nice touch.

3. I am obsessed right now with scarves of all kinds.   Warm and big to flimsy and cute.   This infinity scarf from Conversation Pieces is both adorable and affordable!!

4. Kelly Ashworth is an awesome designer and each month she gifts us with a custom wallpaper for your ipad, phone or computer ... and new as a facebook header.   Check it out!

5. The only thing I can say about this design is that I LOVE IT!

6. Don't saying just brighten your day and put a smile on your face?   I like to have happy sayings all over my house for my family to always be reminded of the good.

7. These are so neat as presents for people (start thinking Christmas) and I'm also thinking of getting some antique teacups to use as decor in my new studio!

Happy November!