Ready Made Role Model

Bronson, today you are spending the day with Gigi and I'm spending the day with your big cousin Leo.   We are sitting at Starbucks with coffee, chocolate milk and muffins.   Just me and Leo on a date.   Not our first, we used to have days like these before you were born.   Leo is working busy on the IPad with Elmo and his ABC's while I work on this.   He is such a good boy and so polite to everyone.   He is being a self designated greeter today, telling everyone who comes in the door hello or goodbye.   I know he can't wait until you are big enough to play with him.   I hope he enjoys teaching you how to be a big boy like him.   

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that you have an amazing daddy.   He works hard every day for me and you.   Our family is small with just the three of us but it is a strong one.   With your dad at the head.   This morning I was able to enjoy time playing with you in your new bedroom and rocked you to sleep all because your dad is at work.   Because of him I am able to stay home with you and I cherish every moment we get and try to remember to not take it for granted.

Two great role models for you - one young and one old.

I love you Brons!