Portuguese Inspired Brunch

Brunch.  Not breakfast or lunch but the perfect time to wake up on a Saturday (if you don't have children).  There is just something about that word that I love.  It sounds so Carrie Bradshaw 'let's grab brunch'.

Last year I had the opportunity to write a guest post for A Fabulous Fete and I created a brunch I would be proud to host.  And it was one time Chad enjoyed getting to nibble when the shoot was finished.  As I used to live in Portugal when I was little, and that country will always have a piece of my heart, I themed the brunch around that small European country that is so full of God's beauty.


What meal do you love most?  Do you enjoy having your friends over and entertaining or are you more of a meet at a coffee shop type of girl?

Cheers to Portugal and fabulous brunches!