Pantone's Fall 2014 Colors

I am personally declaring September 15th 2014 the beginning of my fall!  I am ready for the slight chill in the air so I can drink more hot chocolate, snuggle with my baby and wear some layers.  The hot chocolate and snuggling part may also be a summer thing.

As everyone knows, Pantone is the color picker for the year and season.  This fall's color pallet does not disappoint :)  I'm not usually a big color person as far as clothes, I'm more a neutral kinda girl.  But this season I'm challenging myself to wear fun combinations of the must have colors.  It should be easy, right?  Pantone's color choices are picked while watching the fashion show for the upcoming year, so really fashion dictates anyway.  And I love that the color of the year Radiant Orchid, starts the list.

So here is the pallet, feast your eyes and start planning your fall wardrobe.  I'm all about using these colors to accent what your original wardrobe is, thus saving on the allotted 'Leona' envelope with monthly stipends.  I can see a few combinations that I think I could pull off!  What are your favorite colors?  I'll be back to this post every now and then to show you some inspiration for your own wardrobe.

Here is the link to another post that I really enjoyed reading about the meanings of colors.