Paintball Bachelorette Party

I love the idea of bachelorette parties so much, I decided to post about them again! Except this time, I'm taking a less traditional route (because who likes to follow the rules?) Let's just say things are about to get a little messy.

For the more competitive bride, how awesome does it sound to dress up in old bridesmaid/prom gowns from thrift shops and play some paintball? I'll answer that for you: AWESOME. Not only is it absolutely hilarious to think about a group of girls running around in the frilliest, tackiest dresses known to man, but it's loads of fun.

Your local Goodwill store is the perfect place to shop for some old gowns that should have stayed in the 80's and never seen again. Even try looking for an old wedding gown for the bride to wear!

So grab your girls and those ugly dresses, and head to Nashville or Louisville (or the closest paintball park) for some bridesmaid fun.

P.S. Don't forget to schedule this a month or so before the wedding date. You want to make sure those bruises are nice and gone before the big day :)

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