Outdoor Entertaining


When we bought our house it was in bad bad shape and a lot of maintenance and TLC was needed.  We have done so much, or should I say Chad has done so much in the almost six years since our first day.  We usually pick one project that we will focus on per season. This summer/early fall, the main project for our house is our patio area.

I'm not usually an 'outside' kind of person so this has to be top notch for me to enjoy.  I have a list of requirements and since I love having people over a big portion of the list concerns that  :)

Here are a few things that I have found as inspiration while I am designing my entertaining area.  All these items came from Amazon which is one. of. my. favorite. places. to. shop.



What do you look for when thinking about being outside?  Are there any must haves on your list that I need to look for??

Cheers to plastic wine glasses that look nice!!