Our Sweet 16

I have to give credit where credit is due ... the inspiration for this list came from Liz and Ryan.   The name for this list Sweet 16 was totally made up by my loving husband.   Or his inspiration may have come from a small thing known as March Madness.   Either way it came from his mouth.

I have yet to write about how I "met" the amazing Liz and Ryan, that is for another post soon to be written, but trust me when I tell you they are amazingly amazing!!   They came up with a bucket list of things they want to do together this summer.   I grabbed the idea and me and Chad ran with it.   Hence our Sweet 16.   It started out being only 15 items and Chad wanted to add another and in the same breath invented our title.   I then added another but everyone knows it's not Sweet 17, so I solved the number dilemma by adding two wishes together so we could sleep peacefully at night knowing we didn't mess with a sacred tradition held in March by a group of tall college students.

 Our official starting date is June 1st and ending September 30th.   I'll let you know how many of these things we actually get to cross off!   What things do you want to do this summer?   Make your own list and share it!