Oh Amazon, You Have my Heart!!!!!

How does she know me so well?  She gets me, totally gets me.  If she were a human we would be best friends forever.  Amazon.  Of course I am talking about Amazon.

Amazon has to be a she.  There isn't a doubt in my mind.

There is at least one order a week that is placed with Amazon either through me or my husband.  And I just feel that when Bronson can place an order he will.  And that will probably be in one year according to his speedy development.  I. Can't. Stop.  We have prime membership and it's just so easy.  Free shipping and two day delivery.  I can't make it to a store in that time.  I also can't stop at the item that I need.

The whole 'Leona's Amazon', 'Recommended for you', 'People who bought this also bought' gets me every time.  And they are so right, they are all things that I needed but just didn't know!

One of my favorite things to do when I have a friend over is to be able to offer them a latte.  I thank Chad all the time for my Verismo.  Best gift ever!

This amazing milk steamer was something that I did know ahead of time that I needed!  It is incredible.  It warms my milk to just the right temperature all while I'm making a latte and then all I have to do is pour into my favorite mug and enjoy!  No more warming the milk in the microwave and guessing how long to punch in.  And to top everything off their customer service is out of this world!  It's that good.


What have you bought on Amazon that you love?  How bad do you need this steamer??!!