Nursery Update

Bronson's nursery is coming along!!   It really is almost how I want it to be, but I'm sure I'll want to change things every other month.   And I'll probably see what works with him when he starts crawling and walking and getting into mommy's pretty picture perfect image!   After all I guess it is his room.   As long as he loves his book shelves that his daddy made with love and I enjoyed filling full of books!!   We had our first trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday together, my nephew says HL is my favorite store, and we picked up quite a few little things to finish some of the crafts that I wanted to do for his room.

Last night was a crafting night for me, and I was on a role!  We have a chandelier that I want to hang and I was able to finish covering five lampshades in the same fabric that my mom used for his curtains.   I also semi completed some hanging pieces for his closet that state the size of his clothes for the first year.   Chad just has to drill a hole in them for me to hang.   I covered a letter B that I got from HL in a gold patterned paper that I like for his dresser and used the same paper for a picture frame that we have that actually has his heartbeat from when he was inside me!   The cool things you get when your sister works for a OB's office!   Today Leo is going to paint a canvas to hang and I'm going to put a picture of the two cousins under it.

Then I started a project that I want to re-do!   I got a large picture printed at Wal-Greens and mounted it onto a canvas to hang above his crib.   One - I don't like how the picture turned out blown up and two - I don't like how the project turned out.   I tried to be crafty and add some acrylic paint to the edges to make it "vintagey" but it looks more like I messed up than anything else!   Back to the drawing board.   I may try to do it with black and white pictures next time.

My husband has to help me with hanging things this weekend and I'll be sure to post pictures once we get things updated!