Not With It!!

Key 1Do you ever have days that you're just not all together? Today is such a day for me. There are a few things that have gone into the making of today ... my yesterday was unusually busy with things that I don't normally do on a Monday, so my Monday tasks didn't get done. I think I got out of the bed on the wrong side too.

In order for me to have a great week I need to be semi scheduled. And I say semi to make myself feel better about it because I hate feeling like I am being told what to do. It's the small rebel inside me. But I do better when I have my week planned. I feel organized. And we all know that making things happen takes discipline and knowing what to do when. So why do I fight it? Why does it still not come naturally after so many years of trying not to do things the hard way but somehow ending up doing just that??

Tomorrow is Wednesday but it will be my Monday. I will start tomorrow with a clean slate and have the rest of my week in place and knowing what I need to do. I may even have a fresh start today ... there are still hours left in the day! I just remembered that I haven't worn my key in a while with the word of my year 'refresh' engraved. I need to get it and put my word to use! What are ways that you use to refresh your week?

Cheers to new beginnings, Wednesdays and the ability to choose your own thoughts.