New Year's Eve Celebrations

Time to celebrate, come on!  For me I'm double celebrating my son's birthday and New Year's Eve.  He will always have fireworks on his birthday!  I was delighted that I got to chat with Laura Rogers today on WBKO and here are a few things that we mentioned:

The first easy thing you can do is set up a photo booth.  That has been a trend for a while and I don't see it leaving us anytime soon.  Simply hang a roll of fun wrapping paper on the wall and you have a  beautiful backdrop.  Then use party hats that you can pick up at any party store or print out your own fun props. Here is a great link to I Heart Naptime with all personalized props (she has updated glasses for 2015!).

Set the menu that you want to serve a few days to a week earlier.  Once you have everything in mind go ahead and set out all the serving dishes and utensils.  I put a post it note on each dish with whatever it is going to hold.  That way on the day I already have the layout of my table or bar area designed and know what dishes I'm using.  If you are having individual place settings do the same a few days before.

This year I'm going with an all metallic theme.  Gold/Black or Silver/Black is usually what comes to mind for New Year's Eve so I'm just going to mix in a few more to come up with my palette.  Think bronze, goldenrod, rusty pink.  Don't limit yourself to the usual, if you love a certain color just mix it in with neutrals.


For my centerpiece, I picked up some number picks and metallic ornaments from Hobby Lobby (66% off all Christmas!!) and stuck them into some green floral foam.  I had a piece of fabric that I thought went well and simply covered the foam.  No cutting special pieces or glue, just a few straight pins to hold it in. I also glittered some champagne bottles to give them more of a festive look and to carry my glitter to my bar area.


Here are the printed items I showed Laura.  A New Year's sign, a simple invite to give last minute friends,  a resolution card for everyone and small metallic circles that you can punch and use as drink tags.  Enjoy and share any pictures!!