New Seasons of Life

Oh My Gosh, are you ever going to be done???   I know that is what you're saying, I can hear it.   And I get it.   It seems like I've been talking about my new brand and my new studio for yeeeeaaaaars!!   I'm done.   Finished.   Complete.   Well, almost done, finished and complete :)   I am going to replace the carpet with hard wood floors so that is why the trim isn't back.   I also want to get new doors, old rustic looking wood doors.   keep your eye out and let me know if you come across any!

I couldn't have done any of this without the love, support and hard work from Chad.   He has made my studio into a place I love and it is exactly what I tried to explain to him with all my crazy rambling ideas that were in my head!

Second, I couldn't have done this without the love and support from all my brides and clients, past and present.   It is because of you that Leona Morelock Designs has been able to grow into what it is today.   My brand no longer means "wedding planner" but more encompassing all the many hats that I wear on any given day.

I love people.   Period.   I want my blog and my 'INSPIRE' page to be a place that I can share that passion.   On my blog I am going to talk about being a mom, being a wife, running a business as a woman, weddings :), events, being an author, just a little about Bronson and I may try to throw some fashion in there!   Who knows??

 My new brand is all of that and more.   I really enjoy designing paper goods (that was what originally got me into weddings) and the fact that I now get to combine that with helping improve children's lives is an amazing bonus.   Our mission for my shop is to give all we have to a school in Ecuador that works with children with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in particular.   Many know my story and many don't but in 1995 I had a severe TBI and am a living miracle to even be here.   And to get to help other children have some of the same experiences of improving as I did is truly a gift.

I love sharing my life on here and being a free lance author to many publications,  that may turn into a book someday.   I love this phase right now of being married to Chad for 13 years and having the sweetest 15 month old son.   I love being a female entrepreneur and I have a desire to help other women reach their goals.

So as you can see Leona Morelock Designs is a smorgasbord of me!   I invite you to follow and join me on this next phase, who knows where it will take us!

Cheers to new beginnings in April!!