New Moms

If you are a new mom - I need your help.   If you are a veteran mom - I need your help.

IMG_0176I'm starting a new ministry with my church to give some goodies and pieces of wisdom to new moms, first time around or with multiple children!   I want to know from you what you would love to get if you were in a new mom's place.   Have you been a first time mom and just wish that someone had warned you to get XYZ?   Have you gotten XYZ and not have been able to live without it?

I'm going for relatively inexpensive items, but am always welcome for suggestions to put on a "recommended items" list for the new mom.

Are there any mommy blogs that you love to catch up on, or any mommy connections that you must share??   What did you have in your diaper bag the first time you packed it?   What about the 100th time after a little more knowledge??