My Personal Runway

This is just a quick post to tell the world that Project Runway has begun.   With the sole purpose being that once it is out there in the Internet I have to complete.   Or at least I will try.

See, I have clothes.   But I never have anything to wear.   Sound familiar?

I meant to do the hanger trick last year, but pregnancy kinda occupied my year in 2012.   So I started this year with all my hangers turned backwards and when I wear an item I hang it back up the regular way.   Then at the end of the year I can easily see what I haven't worn.   This did work, for a while.   I would immediately look for clothes with the hangers backwards when searching for something to wear.

I have since found out that when you keep your clothes in piles on the floor of your closet this doesn't exactly have the same effect.

I have been reading a few fashion blogs and have learned about Go Chic or Go Home.   It is a site that allows you to upload all your items to create your own virtual closet.   At first I didn't see the benefit, because who needs a virtual closet when I can just walk in my real closet and see what I have.   Then I remembered my piles-on-the-floor issue and started to see how a virtual closet may be helpful.

I want to know what I have so that I can see what I need to keep a basic wardrobe.   Then the fancy stuff gets used more when you can have a basic place to start when picking an outfit.   Does it sound like I know what I'm talking about?   I. Don't.

So I have a white sheet over my door and a wreath hanger to hang each item as I take a picture to load into my virtual closet.   Hopefully now when I pin outfits in Pinterest I can go to Go Chic or Go Home and design a similar outfit using items that I have.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.   Happy 4th!!