My Favorite Bathing Suits

Whether you're lounging by the pool or going out on the boat for a much deserved lake weekend, every woman has some insecurities about bathing suits.  I went to a swim play date and had B dressed ready to go and I gave some excuse as to why I didn't bring my suit.  Truth is I don't have one.  It's been a few years and weight yo-yo's since my last one and I really would prefer to let it stay that way.  But, am I conceited enough to think people are even weighing me up?  Pun intended.

With that said, high waisted, floral print and bright colors are what seem to be trending.  My friends tell me Amazon, LuLus and Target are good choices to start.  

The trouble with asking your intern who is 21 to pick some images is that you get more 'sexy' and less 'covering' options.  I think I could do the first choice on the high waisted, very little to show.  Where do you suggest to buy?

One piece bathing suits:


High waisted bathing suits: