Mother's Day Ideas

Every year the same holiday comes around in May and every year I wonder what to buy!  Should I DIY something thoughtful that has meaning behind it?  Should I go expensive and something I know she will love and totally deserves?  Something she needs or simply wants??

Then I remember that since I always leave it to late the DIY option is out!  And whatever I buy I know she will like.  Because of my great taste!  Or as my husband calls it - expensive taste  :)

Here are a few ideas that I am considering (don't read any further mom)



1. Ring |  2. Cardigan |  3. Kettle |  4. Yoga Mat |  5. Kindle |  6. Handbag |  7. CD |  8. Fitbit  | 9. Scarf

I hope these might have sparked some ideas for you.  What are you getting your mom for mother's day?

{{Hint - these may or may not be some items that I may or may not like for my Mother's Day}}

Cheers to gifts!