Monthly Box Full of Inspiration

ilybox.  i love you box.  Have you heard about it?  I can't remember what trail of Instagram browsing led me to this amazing new company but I caught the ily bug at first sight  :)


Everyone is familiar with monthly subscription boxes.  I don't currently subscribe to any but they do seem very fun.  I've seen many different boxes with make-up, toys for certain age groups, even some with clothes.  But I'd never seen anything like this.  We all need pick-me-ups, I know I do every day.  And this box does the trick for a day when you get the surprise in the mail and open to play with the contents.  But also for every other day that month with the ilybox original journal and the inspirational ilycards that you can strategically place all around your house, your purse, car, etc so that you can be reminded every day of Jesus's love.

The original journal for August seems exactly what every woman needs!  I think it is safe to say that this month's theme is Beauty and the journal makes you take note of the true beauty that lies within us and all the wonders that come from God.  Wherever you look there is beauty that you can find.  Sometimes when I look in the mirror it is hard for me to find anything 'beautiful' but when I get the negative thoughts out of my head and concentrate on what God tells me in His word I can see what He is whispering to me.

I signed myself up for a subscription and when I was entering my mailing address I had a change of mind.  Or change of heart!  I love my mom and I knew she would find great comfort in a box of her own each month so I changed the name and hit send  :)

Now that I typed that, it goes along with the true heart of ilybox - ilygoxo (i love you - go - x.o).  For every subscription that is made, Crystal (the lady behind the beautiful company) sends a box to a person that could definitely benefit from hearing the word of God - a woman's shelter or woman's prison are two of the places they travel.  They are curated for outreach, discipleship and bringing more people to Christ.  How awesome??!!

this card has listed on the back the meaning behind all the contents

Cheers to Crystal and her new endeavor to pour her heart into other women's lives each month through the ilybox.