Impulsiveness and Semi Permanent Options

Do you ever just want something new?  New make up colors to add to your collection, new hair style, new outfit (or wardrobe!).  I am a very impulsive person sometimes, especially with hair.  I get the idea in my head and it has to be done that day or it's not getting done.  I usually don't find out the later part because I make it happen that day  :)

vertical holding hair 600

image by Sarah Jane Sanders

One of the things that I can honestly say that I like about my features is my hair.  I've always received compliments.  I did color my hair about 4 years ago and kept it up for about a year, but for the most part it's been my natural color.

This is going to sound silly, unless you are a teenager, have you heard of dying your hair with Kool Aid??  It's a real thing. Mostly for children but there are some really cool images on Pinterest that I considered.  Okay - I did have C get me a packet of dark cherry Kool Aid and I did try it out, on myself.  I don't think I used enough and I left one step out that must have been important because it didn't really do anything on my hair.  This picture is what I was going for, isn't it kool looking?  See what I did there with the k  :)

What color should I dip dye my hair?

So imagine my joy when I found Madison Reed and that they not only have what sound like amazing  permanent color hair products, but they also have Semi Permanent Gloss for people like me to try out.  I'm going to try Barolo (pictured below) that says it is a vibrant copper red!!  When I take the plunge I will be sure to share pictures.  If you could choose any color, what hair shade would you want?  Why?  I know they say blondes have more fun but I just can't see myself as a blonde!

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Cheers to semi-permanent options in our lives!