Lunch with a Good Friend and Ecuador

There are two things that I love and when combined even better - lunches with friends and spontaneous gatherings.  A good friend of mine, Rebekah Pribula, is home for a month.  Just to visit.  From her home away from home in Ecuador!  She is volunteering at La Casa de Fé - a haven for abandoned and special needs children in the heart of the amazon.  If there is a perfect person to be doing what she is doing it is her.  She has a love for children that is truly from her heart and serving Jesus by being obedient is her greatest desire.   She recently signed up for a full year of volunteering (her timeline when she begun was three months and it has been increasing ever since) and so luckily for family and friends came back to America to raise her needs for the next stay.  Please visit her website because she can explain her mission so much better!  Her stories are truly miraculous.

Her time here is short and precious and I was so happy when she wanted to get together.  Right now, with B, during his nap time is usually the best for me to do anything.  So she came over for lunch and a long chat about both of our futures and to dream with me.

I had a busy weekend coming up, so this lunch was pretty thrown together with little time.  I always keep a box of Betty Crocker's Suddenly Pasta Salad in my go to meals.  Most women love a pasta salad and this is so easy to make and it still gives me the home-made-food feel because I have to boil the pasta!!  Add some cherry tomatoes and some bell peppers to the salad and you have a colorful lunch you can be proud to serve!  Throw some wheat gluten free crackers in a bowl and voila!  I love my new white dishes, they make anything I put on them pop with color and don't clash with any other décor on the table.  I had just purchased some flowers (which could be something you pick up with the pasta) and always add candles!  What do you turn to for a quick but fun meal??